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Are you getting fit for Christmas? We are on the countdown towards the end of the year, and as we kick into the holiday season, most of the working women who have had no time to indulge in exercises to get in shape and into their party attires, fret not help is at bay! Zumba would be the best gift for yourself this festive season. How can you nail the Christmas fitness? Read on…

Here are 10 Best Zumba Moves broken down by the fitness expert Sucheta Pal for Working Women to gear up for the party season at home!

1. Merengue March

Best for: Warm up

How: March with your knees bending and straightening alternatingly and at the same time isolating your hips from side to side. Let your arms move naturally as you march, pumping the fists straight out right and left to the side or above your shoulders. This slowly increases your heart rate, improving blood circulation while warming up your major muscle groups.

2. Beto Shuffle

Best for: Biceps, triceps, shoulders

How: Come into a wide squat and raise one arm breaking it at the elbow. With you arm at shoulder lever, open the palm and point the fingers to the roof. Imagine a water bubble above your head and now pop it with your fingers. The other arm is bent at the elbows and the palm pointing downwards. Now imagine that there is water below and you are pushing it away. Engage the biceps and triceps as both the arms move in unison with the deltoids (shoulders) becoming the stabilizers.


3. Belly Dance – Jelly Fish Arms

Best for: Shoulders (Deltoids)

How: Start with core engaged and chest lifted, move your arms in a wave or a jellyfish like movement on either side swiftly. The source of the movement is the shoulder. As your body sways side to sidemake sure you add a side lunge every time.

4. Flamenco

Best for: Chest (Pectorals) and Posture correction

How: Have your feet together, engaging your core, chest lifted and pull back your shoulders with arms placed on the sides of your body. As you step out to the side with one foot, expand the chest keeping your arms and shoulders pulled back and palmsfisted and placed on the hip bones, contract the chest you bring your foot in but your core still engaged. Repeat the same on the other side. Add flavor by adding grapearms. Imagine grabbing some grapes from a tree as you step out pulling it across your face and bringing it back to your hips as you step in. Repeat on the other side.

5. Cumbia – Sleepy Leg

Best for: Obliques

How: Start off with your feet together. Step out with your heel, at the same time; isolate the opposite hip out, squeezing the obliques upwards as you do so. Then drag the other foot to the foot that stepped out. Add some flavor by extending one arm out as you travel.

6. Reggaeton – Knee up

Best for: Abs

How: Start with your feet together .Raise one knee up to the hip level and pump your arms below the legs. Bring your feet down and raise your arms to the shoulder level into a lateral raise. Repeat the other side. The higher you raise your knee more work on that abs.


7. Salsa – Forward and Back with a Lunge

Best for: Hamstrings

How: Start with your feet together. Step forward with your right leg and add a hip roll. Repeat the same with the left. Once you’re comfortable with this movement, as you step back add a lunge back.

8. Cumbia – Machete

Best for: Legs

How: Start with one foot grounded to the floor. Move the other foot in a 180 degree movement by stepping it forward bringing it center and then back. Add your arms as if you are cutting sugarcane with a machete (big knife). As you step forward with one leg, swing the machete arm and cut the sugarcane, bring the arm center and as you step back throw the arm behind. To now add work for your quadriceps as you step forward, get into a squat as deep as you can go. Repeat on either side.

9. Quebradita – Ándale

Best for: Abs and gluten

How: Start with feet together. Raise one leg up behind at the knee and add a hook movement engaging those abs. Bring the leg down and simultaneously the other leg swings straight behind into a kick back pressing the glutes as you do so. Repeat it faster and then on the other side.

10. Samba Lunge

Best for: Total Body

How: Start with your feet together and then step side to side adding a lunge to it. Push your hips out and press your feet into the floor as you do so. The arms swing side to side following the hips.

So what are you waiting for, break it down like nobody’s business!

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