Fitness Match Made In Heaven


Can’t decide on a new workout routine? Why not let your star sign guide you in the right direction? Summer is the best time to start experimenting with fresh workouts, specifically the exercises that speak to your soul, and here by soul we are implying to zodiac signs. Our zodiac sign determines our personality choices, knowing what ailments you are prone to and taking indication from it we can decide which workout will suit our body type or nature. After all don’t we all know that too much routine could send us into a comma of boredom!

Go figure which workouts are compatible for you and your personality based on your star sign!


* You like competition, activity and are bold. You will like cardio exercise. Dance class where you can show your moves and speed, consider hip hop, ballet. You could try metric based cycling, spin classes, running, and tennis too.

* You are calm, grounded, patient, bodily, graceful, disciplined and persistent. You prefer a comfortable and relaxed workout not something that gets you totally tired. Yoga is your go-to exercise. Try burpees, push ups, planks, outdoor boot camp, light jogging, belly dancing, kite surfing, tennis or even gardening.

* You get bored of monotony, you look for variety and social interaction while you are at it. You are restless and workouts are ideal for you to keep your mind and body in good shape. Also you would gladly want to bring in a workout buddy while you are going through the rigmarole. You can give circuit training and boot-camp or pilates a shot wherein the moves are changing regularly or even run or Frisbee in the park, badminton, volleyball are great for you.

* You like routine and structure, you are activity driven and are a sensitive nurturer. You like working out with people with some space or solitude, quiet thinking time once in a while. A spinning class, run club, sailing, water aerobics, golf, yoga, or Pilates will keep you stimulated.


* You like challenges, you are flashy in your workout regimes hence you like something that pushes you. You like to keep in good shape, especially because you like the compliments pouring in on your physical appearance. Consider HIIT or boxing classes, gym, Zumba, golf, weight training, kick boxing, sailing or even dance classes will help keep you fit and fabulous. Remember to mix things up!

* You are particular, detail oriented and focused. You like to keep a record of your daily workout or activity in details and count calories. Exercise forms like Barre or Pilates, power yoga or core workouts are your best bet!

* You are friendly, peaceful, like to sweat it out alongside social interaction. Also you love food so don’t stop eating just yet! Focus on workouts of your interest that flows smoothly and does not stress you besides letting you indulge in your favourite treats. Consider partner sports like tennis, badminton, racquetball, golf, martial arts, strength training Barre or join a gym.

* Focused, fearless, fiery in nature, intense and ambitious. You should try endurance sports like long distance running, treadmill or swimming. Empowering workouts like deep water running or aqua boot camp or boxing, spin class, triathlon are good fit.

* Adventurous, athletic, challenge-loving and variety loving creature, with amazing stamina levels. You love to travel, you could be travelling the world and working out at the same. Try mountain climbing, power walking or bike riding or horseback riding for a sense of accomplishment. Or simply go running with your pet! You should befriend cross-fit, races, mud run and intense workouts or gymnastics, martial arts, core fusion and high intensity cardio will push your limits.

* Naturally blessed with discipline and self-control, you love hard work and are dependable. With a strong mind and the skill to listen to your body you will do what works for you, hence results speak volume for you! Look for Pilates on crack classes to cater to your challenging side or simply join a health club, gym and sign up a trainer.

* Curious, creative and love trying out new things besides being a team player in social settings. The newest trends and equipment’s will motivate you besides freedom of movement is the key to your fitness routine. Your best bet would be Zumba fitness sessions, sign up for a marathon or try resistance training, spinning or martial classes.

* You treat workout as a passion, you look at the physical, spiritual, body and mind benefits of your workouts forms. You are easy going, sensitive, intuitive and like strenuous activities. Trying out Yoga will give you the perfect balance, that besides try aqua cycling, paddle boating, aqua yoga, surfing, water polo or meditation, Tai Chi, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, Hip Hop, Salsa too, all which engage the body, mind, spirit and fun too!

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