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Loose The Batwings

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This summer get crop top ready at home with some upper body workouts.It surely is horrid to have those batwings spill out every time you wear your tank top or sleeveless outfits or wave at someone isn’t it? We sure know the feeling of seeing underarm fat flapping away which generally seems an uphill task to get rid of! The flabby hammock of skin that can hang down from the arms isn’t a pretty sight! Darn you, bat wings! Folks, it is not a rocket science to get rid of batwings but all you have to do is make some easy changes to your fitness routine and cut your calorie intake to flaunt yourself this season.

Reasons For Underarms Fat

A. After the age of 30, the body fat tendency increases and the lean muscle tendency normally decreases which leads to the encapsulation of fat.
B. Change in hormones, the issues of batwings has young people also, or happen due to age-related hormonal changes or due to medical treatments. Change in the hormone reduction in the rate of metabolism results in a drop in the rate of calories burnt. Obviously, a low-calorie burn out leads to deposition of fat.
C. Due to lack of time, there is no physical activity which is the main reason behind the production of fat in the body including arms.
D. If you are overweight, you will attract flabbiness and is a reason of batwings.
E. Maintaining an ideal weight is the vital, by maintaining a healthy Body Mass Index one can avoid the excessive deposition of fat in the body.

How to get rid of batwings, here are some pointers to make underarms look slim and sculpted!

Create a training plan – Both cardiovascular exercise and weight training help in burning calories fast. You can do about 150 minutes of cardio every week and strength training twice a week. Do exercises that specifically target the arms.

Try something new – Steer clear of the usual training routine, instead try spinning or yoga or even Pilates lessons. Hiking, or even a walk in the park, biking and cycling around for chores or simply put on some music and dance as these are perfect options for calorie burning.

High-intensity training – High-intensity training is ideal for weight loss. A high intensity workout for an hour every day or even workouts like running, jogging, kickboxing, climbing stairs or hills, swimming are perfect to help you burn more than 500 calories.

Do muscle-building workouts – If you exercise, rather than using machines, use your own body weight as resistance. For instance power yoga, boot camp training, circuit training or calisthenics such as jumping jacks, lunges, triceps dips and abdominal crunches are awesome. When you add muscle tissue, your basal metabolism goes up, helping in burning more calories.

Resistance training – This will help you tone your arms, back and chest muscles. With the start of losing fat, starts the process of toning muscles too. Moves that work the upper body sans equipment include pushups, pullups, scissors, counter push-ups, weight lifting, sun salutations and triceps dips in the regime.

Diet – Shedding arm fat and weight control go hand in hand, hence proper diet and habits is vital. Consume Fiber-rich foods such as fruits and veggies, dairy products, food items low in sugar eat, smaller meals, never skip your breakfast, because it is the first meal of your day. Avoiding your breakfast would mean, you will eat more throughout the day. Drink more water, especially warm water, and cut down on frozen foods. It is a must to maintain a healthy gut that digests the food properly and increases the rate of metabolism. Eating healthy is better than eating less and eating unhygienic like fried, refined, processed or junk food. Try to make a diet chart and follow a balanced diet to ward off underarm fat.

Here are some exercises for your daily sculpting regimen!

Fitness expert Shreem Shankar gives us a few exercises to minimize the unhappy overhang we can do at home this summer. The plus point is that you can do it just about anywhere! 
He says, ‘To get nicely sculpted arms at home if you have a set of dumbbells of roughly 3-10 pounds or similar weighted objects like half liter water bottle. You can try each exercise back-to-back with slight or no rest in between, and repeat the cycle three times. Besides a 30-45 minutes of cardio with a healthy diet should do the trick!

  1. Power Planks – This doubles up as a warm up and great workout for your arms, shoulders, chest and abs. You can get into a push-up position, on your forearms. Support the abs tight and lift your hips, making a straight line from heels to head. Push, straighten up your left arm in a way that you’re holding yourself up with the right forearm and left palm. Straighten up your right arm, here your body is in a complete push-up pose. Now lower back to your right forearm, then left. You can do four repetitions from your left arm and then with the right.

  2. Kneeling back fly – You can tone up your upper back, arms and abs with this multi-muscle move. You have to kneel on all fours, hold a dumbbell in your right hand, occupy abs and elevate right arm to shoulder height with your elbow only slightly bent, palms facing down. You can do 15 counts on both sides.

  3. Inverted curl – This combination exercise sculpts your shoulders and arms and strengthens the much ignored muscles in your forearms and wrist. You have to stand with both your feet together holding dumbbells, palms in front of thighs. Now tug abs inwards tightly, and sans movement of your torso, curl the dumbbells on your shoulders, palms facing forward and spread arms overhead. Do a set of 15.

  4. Triceps Sculptor – This is the ideal back-of-the-arms toner. You have to stand with the dumbbells in hand, feet hip-width spaced out and knees bent very little. Move forward from the hips until your chest is pretty much corresponding to floor also curve your arms in a way that your elbows are behind your body and the dumbbells are alongside your chest. Extend arms behind you, rotate palms upwards. Now with your arms straight, raise them little higher, curve elbows and return to start. A round of 15 is ideal.

  5. Chest clinch – This multi-tasking workout is great for a defined cleavage line and a toned tummy. You have to lie face up on the floor, knees together bent, feet flat on the floor. Your arms have to be with a dumbbell in each hand. Make sure the arms are above the ground, palms facing upwards. Get your knees upto the chest, bring your arms together in a way that they are hugging the outside of your knees, while lifting your head and shoulders off the floor all of it together. A round of 15 is ideal.

Practice these poses and say buh-bye to Batwings!

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